Welcome to The Energetic!

About the guild
TNG is a guilld established by many GvG veterans from some of the best guilds to be on the scene, including VnT, NB, TA and dF. Although many of us were previously rivals, we always had a great mutual respect for each other and eagerly anticipated this chance to play together.

The ambition of the guild is to utilise the experience and knowledge of longstanding members of the GvG community to develop a new innovative fighting force. We will constantly be adapting and embracing new tactics to push individual and team gameplay to the limit.

TNG will fight across all areas, whether that is on the borders, in Obsidian Sanctum, or in guild halls. We will look to become masters of all the different scenarios.


We are always looking for the best players out there with the right mentality. Whether you have plentiful GvG experience or not, we are willing to give any talented players a chance to prove themselves.

We judge players on the following criteria:


There is little point applying for TNG unless you possess the right attitude, regardless of how talented you are. You need to be able to accept constructive criticism, as well as being able to work well in a team. GvG is a team game, people that are just looking to play for themselves would not fit in well with this guild.

Personal Gameplay

You should be able to record to show that your personal gameplay is up to the standard required. It is not just about being the best now, it is about being able to take on board advice and improve over time. Those that show improvement over a trial period are very promising as they will continue to advance.

Team Gameplay

You need to be able to work well within a team, boons, cleanse, heal, damage, all of this needs to be co-ordinated. You be expected to display this teamplay ability in your video recordings. It will be your profession mates that decide if they wish you to pass a trial period.


Sometimes you may do the best move in the game, pulling or immobilising a vulnerable enemy, but in order for this great piece of solo play to be a success, you need to communicate it before, during and after so that the rest of the guild can be prepared and respond quickly. Response times are key to winning GvGs, so strong communication is required.